by Kevin Price

cropped-art1.pngTHE NONSENSE OF AB-SENSE is a critical review of a book that doesn’t exist by JACK STRAW, an author who has never been seen.

It observes the Australian Legend from a ficto-critical perspective and the mythic proportions it has taken on in order to help carve out a niche for Australia’s place in the world, examining the wakes of a number of literary, sporting, business and political heroes as the water folds back over their paths. Art Lazaar makes an incidental, but important, appearance in the commentary, harking back to days when his poetic performances went completely unnoticed until they didn’t.

The essay begins …

Jack Straw would not be the first non-existent Australian writer who set out to create the archetypal Australian novel in which the hero of the story is set up to embody a contemporary Australian Legend. Nor would it be for me to say that Jack Straw has failed at this. In fact his work covers a great deal of ground, finding a case for the Australian Legend in places so unlikely that the whole premise of the work beggars belief, and still, when the cover is finally closed, the sheer nothingness that it generates remains so deeply embedded in the unconscious that it reminds one of waking from a daydream with sweat pouring like the condensate on a beer can cooled in the dam.

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